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  • List of films in the main NEIFF 2018 competition

    The selection committee headed by Tomasz Dettloff has concluded its sessions in 3-person sub-committees which reviewed the selection of films for the main NEIFF 2018 competition. As a result, 63 productions have been selected, which include: 16 documentary feature films, 28 short documentaries, 5 short fiction films and 14 animations. The main selection includes 3 films from Poland.

  • Venues map of NEIFF 2018

    See where NEIFF’s first edition will be happening. Shown on the map are 21 festival venues where events will be held from the 15th to the 21th of October.

  • Become a NEIFF 2018 Volunteer - the recruitment is on

    Want to see the organization of an international film festival from the inside? Gain valuable experience and be part of a new cyclical event with the potential to become a permanent fixture in the calendar of cultural events? That is great, because we are opening volunteer recruitment for the first edition of the New Earth International Film Festival!

  • Steven Taylor to guest at NEIFF 2018

    Jednym z wielu wykładowców zaproszonych na pierwszą edycję NEIFF będzie Steven Taylor.

    Wykładowca psychologii na Uniwersytecie Leeds Beckett jest autorem kilku bestsellerowych książek o psychologii i duchowości: "Waking From Sleep", "The Fall", "Out of the Darkness", "Back to Sanity" i "The Calm Center". Jego książki zostały opublikowane w 19 językach, a jego artykuły i eseje opublikowano w ponad 40 czasopismach naukowych, czasopismach i gazetach, w tym w: Filozofia teraz, Psycholog, Tikkun, The Daily Express, Journal of Humanistic Psychology i innych. Regularnie bierze udział w debatach. W trakcie festiwalu odbędzie się wykład połączony z promocją książki "Upadek" wydanej przez wydawnictwo "Biblioteka Nowej Ziemi".

  • The NEIFF 2018 open call for contest films is coming to an end

    This is your last chance to send a film about environmental issues for the first edition of the New Earth International Film Festival. While we are still open for applications until tomorrow, we are already presenting a short summary today...

  • We are pleased to present HEVRE – the heart of NEIFF 2018 educational events in Kraków's Kazimierz.

    The intersection of Meiselsa and Bożego ciała is the meeting-place of two cultures and two religions. During the first edition of our festival, from October 16-20, it is in HEVRE that you will be able to see free-of-charge environmental film shows, workshops related to the New Earth International Film Festival and Mexico – the NEIFF 2018 Honorary Host Country.

  • Meet the NEIFF 2018 Selection Committee

    NEIFF 2018 is the first edition of our festival. We are all the more glad to have received more than 1,600 film submissions from around the world. The selection of submitted films was undertaken by a distinguished group of jurors, in large part representing the Polish Filmmakers Association chaired by Tomasz Dettloff. The selection jury will nominate approximately 80 film productions to be included in this year's festival competition. The members of the Selection Committee will also nominate productions for the pool of films to vie for the main prizes.


  • Marshal of the Małopolska Region has assumed honorary patronage over NEIFF 2018

    Another great piece of news, which we have received from the Head of the Małopolska Board Office, Mr Witold Kochan. In the letter sent, he has informed us that Mr Jacek Krupa, Marshall of the Małopolska Region, has assumed honorary patronage over New Earth Film Festival 2018.

  • The Sounds of New Earth project – the Earth’s festival sounds

    The New Earth International Film Festival is not all about films only. Our schedule offers lots of attractions we have prepared for the festival audience. One of them will be a music project co-created with the Motion Trio ensemble who, along with the invited guests, are going to introduce the audience to ethnic and film atmospheres...

  • Already over 1,600 films submitted to NEIFF 2018 competition

    We have begun the countdown to the end of the open call for competition films for this year's NEIFF edition. We can tell you a secret: to date, over 1,600 film applications from around the world have been submitted via the FilmFreeway and FestHome platforms. Because of such a large turnout, we have already started the pre-selection in early August. For the selection of films for the competition, in collaboration with the Polish Filmmakers Association, we have recruited a group of over ten experts...

  • NEIFF as part of Małopolskie Centrum Wiedzy Ekologicznej.

    In the recent days, the authorities of Alive Today Foundation and the municipality of Ciężkowice have signed a letter of a letter of intent concerning cooperation to promote environmental knowledge and conscious and harmonious use of environmental resources. It is an important initiative both from the point of view of the Foundation, the organizer of the New Earth International Film Festival and the authorities of Ciężkowice. The foundation's mission is to raise the international community’s awareness of the need to create a balance between man and the natural environment. The issue of concern for the environment is extremely important for Ciężkowice as well. This is expressed, for example, in important educational initiatives related to the construction of Małopolskie Centrum Edukacji Ekologicznej (Małopolska environmental knowledge centre).

  • Krakow cinemas as NEIFF 2018 partners

    New Earth International Film Festival’s programme has aroused the interest of not just Krakow's universities but cinemas too. Venues known for their work with film festivals, which have been on Krakow’s film event map for a long time. We are very pleased to introduce cinemas...

  • Kraków Festival Office and Kraków Film Commission as NEIFF 2018 partners

    The Krakow Festival Office (KBF) and the Krakow Film Commission, an organization responsible for supporting film and television production, have joined the ranks of the New Earth International Film Festival 2018 partners.

  • The City of Kraków as NEIFF 2018 official partner

    Today we have received a letter from the Office of the Mayor of the City of Kraków informing that Mr. President Jacek Majchrowski is happy to support our initiative with the City of Kraków’s partnership.

  • Polish Filmmakers Association as NEIFF patron

    Founded in 1966, the Polish Filmmakers Association is Poland's largest film professionals organisation.

  • Jagiellonian University as NEIFF 2018 patron

    His Magnificence Vice-chancellor of the Jagiellonian University, Prof. Wojciech NowakMD, PH.D, has officially confirmed the University’s participation in our project. Thus, Poland's oldest University has joined the Honorary Patrons of NEIFF2018. It is yet another university which will support us in organizing our environmental film festival. The project has met with a very good reception and no wonder.

  • The Academy of Fine Arts as official patron of NEIFF 2018

    It has been confirmed: the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (ASP) has officially taken the New Earth International Film Festival under its wing as its patron. The Academy has joined the ranks of universities which have declared their assistance in organizing the festival. This year, the Academy celebrates its round 200th anniversary and October will be filled with events closely related to the celebrations. We are all the more happy to be able to hold some of our shows at such a distinguished place. 

  • Ewa Ewart to Guest at RMF Classic

    RMF Classic radio will provide editorial supervision for the 1st edition of the ‘New Earth’ International Film Festival. The radio’s guest will be Ewa Ewart, honorary partner of the 1st NEIFF edition, award-winning producer of documentary films shown around the world and one of the most respected investigative journalists at the BBCC. During the Festival, she will be showing her latest film.

  • March 30, open call begins

    On March 30, the open call begins for films for the main New Earth International Film Festival 2018 competition. The films will be selected in eight categories: SHORT FICTION FILM, SHORT ANIMATED FILM, SHORT DOCUMENTARY FILM, SHORT FOREIGN FILM, FICTION FEATURE FILM, ANIMATED FEATURE FILM, DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILM, FOREIGN FEATURE FILM. 

    The call for film productions will be open until August 31, 2018

    Submit your films and participate in the scheduled events!

  • University of Agriculture with NEIFF 2018

    His Magnificence, President of University of Agriculture in Krakow Prof. Włodzimierz Sady, PhD. Eng. has sent us a letter confirming the University’s honorary patronage over the New Earth International Festival 2018. The University of Agriculture is yet another university to have joined our project. 


    We can let you in on a secret: selected film shows and lectures organized as part of NEIFF 2018 will be held at the University headquarters, at al. 29 Listopada in Krakow.

  • Mexico as honorary host of the festival


    During the festival, we also want to present various perspectives on environmental topics. That is why we plan to recruit allies. We would like to offer the title of the festival's honorary host to countries which actively participate in efforts to protect the natural environment and want to promote their culture in an environmentally aware fashion. We have offered the first edition of the festival to a country which is famous for its beautiful spots, cultural resources and experiences related to the control and reduction of deforestation, among other things.

    We are pleased to announce that the Embassy of Mexico in Poland officially supports the activities of the festival and invites you to take part in learning about ecological issues and Mexican culture during the New Earth International Film Festival 2018.


  • Ewa Ewart as Honorary Partner of NEIFF 2018

    Ewa Ewart is a journalist and an award-winning filmmaker who specialises in ground breaking and influential documentaries. She was born and raised in Poland, but she has spent most of her career based at the BBC TV in London, England. She has travelled and worked in many countries of the world, producing and directing programmes ranging from investigations, political to social observational documentaries. Her films have revealed new information about issues such as corruption in Boris Yeltsin’s Russia, secret prison camps in North Korea, civil war in Colombia or secret and illegal CIA extraordinary rendition programme for people suspected of terrorism...

  • NEIFF 2018 with universities

    We also want Kraków to join the world's top cities which can be proud of their active involvement in spreading the idea of natural environment protection, and hence to be associated as one of the cities responsible for progress in this field.

    Location plays a crucial role in the organization of a successful festival. Therefore we must decide if we want to organize it in one or more venues. Large festivals are held in several locations. However, we do not intend to lose our identity, so we want to focus mainly on young people.Therefore, 80% of the festival venues will be places students go. We also plan for the film shows to be part of student schedules.

    We are currently making arrangements with the administrative bodies of Kraków's universities. Our project was received enthusiastically at one of them and we were assured of the university’s readiness to participate in the project. We are waiting for responses from other universities.

  • Krakow as the city of the New Earth Festival

    Almost 1,000 international film festivals are held throughout the year. of these, 45 are festivals for films about environmental protection, organized in 21 countries of our globe. Kraków will be the first city with an event of this kind in Poland.

    The Festival will be for everyone, but the main audience is to be young people. We are convinced that if we begin to educate young people and raise their awareness, it will pay off in the future. We also want Kraków to join the world's top cities which can be proud of their active involvement in spreading the idea of natural environment protection, and hence to be associated as one of the cities responsible for progress in this field.