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  • Ewa Ewart

    Honorary Patron of the Festival and the Chairman of the Competition Jury

    Ewa Ewart is a journalist and an award-winning filmmaker who specialises in ground breaking and influential documentaries. She was born and raised in Poland, but she has spent most of her career based at the BBC TV in London, England. She has travelled and worked in many countries of the world, producing and directing programmes ranging from investigations, political to social observational documentaries. Her films have revealed new information about issues such as corruption in Boris Yeltsin’s Russia, secret prison camps in North Korea, civil war in Colombia or secret and illegal CIA extraordinary rendition programme for people suspected of terrorism. Her documentaries told some of the most memorable stories like the tragedy in Beslan, made for the first anniversary of a terrorist attack in which more then 170 children got killed. In the second film she highlighted the trauma still suffered by many child survivors five years after the atrocity. For the last few years she has been the presenter of an international documentary strand on TVN24 and TVN24Bis, American owned commercial channels in Poland. Most recently she has been a motivational speaker talking to a varied audiences about her experiences, which she described in a book “ I witnessed”. Ewa is fluent in Russian, Spanish, Polish and English.


  • Juan Walle

    Festival director

    President of the ALIVE TODAY foundation. The originator of the festival. Born in Mexico City, he began his career at Azteca television in 1999. He produced and directed several dozen short films shown at many festivals, including RMUFF (Rivera Maya Underground Film Festival) - ECOFILM Festival - Morbido Film Fest. He always tries to promote culture and the environment. For many years, he was involved in the promotion of music bands and the production of concerts and music events. He has moved to Poland in 2014. It is also here that he has started the Alive Today Foundation whose goals are education about environmental problems and cultural activities.

  • Klaudyna Nowakowska

    Festival producer

    10 years of experience in the film and television industry, festival coordinator for television projects since 2011. She has been promoting film productions as Grupa6 Film Production at national and international festivals since 2012. She is involved in documentary and advertising film production and has co-founded the Publiczno Prywatny Fundusz Filmowy, whose aim is to finance independent film projects. In total, over the last few years, the projects she promoted have won dozens of prizes and distinctions, including a Golden Nymph for Martyna Wojciechowska in Monte Carlo or intermedia-globe Gold awards for Ewa Ewart in Hamburg.

  • Jarosław Migoń

    Artistic Director

    Designer, director, producer, visual effects specialist, animator. Author of several hundred artwork concepts for films and TV programmes, including: TVN, TVN Style, TTV, TVP, POLSAT. In 2011 and 2012, he developed special visual effects for the films “BOKSER” and “NAD ŻYCIE” (TVN). In 2013, his short documentary “Seksualność ulic Kwiatów Polskich” was honoured at Krakow’s “Po Godzinach” film festival. Producer and director of the "Diary of a Beholder" which earned three awards at the World Media Festival 2017 in Hamburg and Grand Prix at Zakopane Films about Art Festival 2018.

  • Marcin Gałażyn

    Music Coordinator

    Accordionist, composer, arranger, session musician. Since 1999, a member of the Motion Trio, which has performed in over 40 countries around the world. With Janusz Wojtarowicz and Paweł Baranek he received the best music award for Michał Rosa's film "Szczęście Świata" at the 41st Film Festival in Gdynia. He has also composed music for the “Diary of a Beholder” which earned three awards at the World Media Festival in Hamburg 2017. Author of music for TV shows. Music coordinator of the Sounds of New Earth project whose first instalment will be shown during NEIFF 2018.

  • Marta Pawlik

    Press Officer

    Public relations expert, academic lecturer, owner Pawlik PR, film producer. Specializes in PR activities for culture, telecommunications, tourism, sport. Author and implementer of corporate CSR programs (UPC Polska, Intersport), spokesman for the festivals Boska Komedia, Materia Prima, and Krakow Film Festival.


  • Katarzyna Godzic

    Head of Visual Department

    Project manager, producer and production manager. For 10 years has related to festival and film trade. She has worked at Nowe Horyzonty Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, OFF CAMERA or Boska Komedia. Since 2015 she is engaged in production of feature films and advertising.

  • Marcin Jacek Kozłowski

    Cultural and scientific events coordinator

    Anthropologist and political scientist specializing in Mexico-related topics. Author of many scientific articles and co-author of several documentary films about Mexico. Organizer of cultural events related to Latin America, mainly Mexico. Coordinator of cooperation between NEIFF 2018 and the Mexican embassy in Poland.