Become a NEIFF 2018 Volunteer - the recruitment is on

Want to see the organization of an international film festival from the inside? Gain valuable experience and be part of a new cyclical event with the potential to become a permanent fixture in the calendar of cultural events? That is great, because we are opening volunteer recruitment for the first edition of the New Earth International Film Festival!

So far, we have not had a film festival like this in Poland, and we owe this debut to our Honorary Patrons, which include Kraków's universities. It is at the universities that some of the festival events will happen. If you are a student at Akademia Sztuk Pięknych, Uniwersytet Rolniczy, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny, Politechnika Krakowska, Akademia Krakowska, Wydział Sztuki Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego, Akademia Górniczo Hutnicza, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, this invitation is for you.

NEIFF 2018 is mainly about films.

Environmental films addressing various topics related to environmental protection, safe development, and innovations for a healthy approach to nature. Through films, we want to reach a wide audience, so that each of us can have a chance to reflect on what is happening with nature. The consequences we are going to be facing if we do not change the way we think about exploiting the environment. Through documentaries, feature films or animations, the authors present their take on the vision, their conclusions or advice.

NEIFF is also a festival of knowledge.

Together with Greenpeace, WWF and Zero Waste, we have invited prominent experts to share knowledge on topics related to ecology, saving energy and raw materials, innovation. Their lectures are bound to enrich the beginning of the semester and complement the knowledge to be gained by watching films presented as part of the competition screenings.

NEIFF is about art, too.

With your assistance, we want to leave a permanent aesthetic mark of the Festival’s activity, as well as show you and the residents of Krakow trivia related to our Honorary Host Country. For the duration of the festival, through painting, music and sculpture, we will have a cultural bridge to Mexico, the NEIFF 2018 Honorary Host Country.

We want to do the scheduled activities with you. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to join our New Earth International Film Festival 2018 volunteer ranks. Let’s make a perfect planet together!

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